Guest Information

We welcome you as a guest of Old Warson Country Club.

In order for you to fully enjoy your experience, we ask you to acquaint yourself with our customs and traditions. Please speak with your host or a member of the Club staff if you have any further questions.

Address: 9841 Old Warson Road, St. Louis, MO 63124
Clubhouse: (314) 968-0840, [email protected]
Golf Pro Shop: (314) 961-0005, [email protected]
General Manager: Kristen Cooper
Golf Professional: Steve Houg

Golf Information

Golf Bag Drop: Follow the signs to the left of the Club's driveway.

Where to Go: Unless you have made other plans with your host, please check in with the Golf Pro Shop when you arrive. They will direct you to the locker room, dining room, or practice areas. You will find your clubs on a cart or at the driving range.

Guest Locker: There will be a guest locker waiting for you with your name affixed to it. Please see the attendant in the locker room.

Golf Attire: Men and women must wear collared shirts. Bermuda shorts with conservative tailoring are acceptable, preferably 4''-6'' from the knee. Please no jeans, cut offs, or shirts not tucked in. Women may wear shirts without a collar providing it has sleeves, or may wear a sleeveless shirt with a collar (no tank tops). Women's shirts do not need to be tucked in at the waist. Shoes must be changed in locker rooms in lieu of parking lots.

Clubhouse Etiquette and Attire

For purposes of the Club's dress code, the Clubhouse consists of the casual/informal section and the formal section. The dress code applies to anyone age 14 or older.

The casual/informal section includes the Trophy Room, Robert Trent Jones Room, Ryder Cup Room, Patio, Patio Bar and the Locker Rooms. Below you will see the dress code for these rooms.

Casual: Men - Long pants, shirt, sweater; Ladies - comparable. Denim is permitted all year but please enter through the Casual Entrance. Hats for men are not permitted in any area of the Clubhouse.

Sport's Attire: Ladies' shorts, dresses and skirts should be in good taste and consistent with the decorum of the Club. Appropriate shorts (7 inch inseam or preferably 4-6 inches from the knee) and tops (no tank tops or collarless shirts for men), and the men must have shirts tucked in at all times. Golf and tennis shoes are permitted in the informal section.

The formal section includes the Main Entrance, Living Room, Conway Room, Bar'n Bar, Eagles Nest, Main Dining Room, Warsonian Room, and the Founders & Director's Room.

Business Casual Attire but not Sport's Attire is permitted in the formal section of the Club during the day and after 6 p.m. jackets are required for men. Denim is NOT permitted in the formal section anytime.

Pool Area: Bathing suits are only to be allowed in the pool area and on the upper terrace with a swim cover up. Walking outside the swim area requires a shirt for males and a cover up for females and children. Walking from the pool area to the Patio, including the Patio Bar, or Clubhouse requires guests and members to adhere to the Clubhouse dress codes.

Cell Phones: While we allow usage on our golf course, in the locker rooms, and in the parking lots, we discourage the use of them.

Gratuities: Please, no tipping of staff.